Ammo boxes

  • acidbox: Spawns a pool of spitter acid around box.
  • airstrikebox: Creates F-18 jets that fly pass, randomly shooting missiles.
  • bingobox: Randomly gain or lose up to -500 points.
  • blazebox: A shield of fire protects you from all zombies and special infected (except the tank!)
  • bloodbox: Reduces the amount of times you can get incapacitated to 1.
  • bonusbox: Increases the amount of points and drops from special infected.
  • boombox: Creates a small explosion.
  • boomerbox: Only boomer special infected.
  • bossbox: Doubles the amount of special infected.
  • bridebox: Spawns 4 and more bride witches by box!
  • bwbox: The player becomes black and white.
  • chargerbox: Only charger special infected.
  • cloudbox: Spawns a toxic cloud that can hurt players over time if standing in it.
  • expiredbox: You become black and white with 1hp!
  • explosionbox: Creates an explosion that can incapacitate/kill players!
  • failbox: No more drops from special infected!
  • flamebox: Player is on fire until incapacitated.
  • freezebox: Freezes nearby players.
  • grenadebox: Gives the player a grenade launcher.
  • hardbox: Increases the difficulty.
  • healbox: Heals the player’s life to 100%. Has a chance to bring dead players back to life.
  • hellbox: Creates an explosion each second for 5 times on the player that opened the box! Beware!
  • huntingbox: Only hunter special infected.
  • icebox: Freezes you
  • laserbox: Spawns the laser sight upgrades box.
  • lifebox: Gives the player 200hp.
  • medbox: Spawns medikits, defibrillators, pills or adrenaline shots.
  • meteorbox: Creates meteors that fall from the sky for a short time period.
  • multiplebox: Spawns multiple boxes.
  • nextbox: Shows what box is next.
  • panicbox: Calls a horde of random uncommon zombies.
  • pointsbox: Player receives +500 points.
  • realismbox: Deactivates the halos/glow around all players and items.
  • respawnbox: Brings dead players back to life.
  • spitterbox: Only spitter special infected.
  • tankbox: Spawns a regular/super tank OR turns player into tank!
  • tinybox: Zombies become smaller.
  • vomitbox: Vomits nearby players.
  • weaponbox: Player receives a random weapon. (scout, spas, or AWP)
  • whitebox: All players become black and white!
  • witchbox: Spawns 10 witches in a random place.

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taewooElichikaSkyLeonis Recent comment authors

Nice to see an updated version. I did notice a few things, though.

1. The Bride Box seems to spawn more than 2 Witches in my experience.
2. What’s the difference between Ice Box and Freeze Box? Does one only freeze self and the other everything?
3. I’ve not seen the Jackpot Box in a while. Is it just bad RNG or is it even a possibility?


1. Fixed – 4 and more witch
2. Ice box freez only you, Freeze Box freez all near you
3. Maybe you want to say bingobox?


No he means jackpot box lol there was one but not now


Hell box loves me D: