Assistance Factor Change

Assistance Factor Change Assistance Factor (AF) is a feature on ASC that encourages you to help your teammates. AF confers you a bonus at the start of each map. The bonus increases the number of points each Special Infected is worth. Whenever you heal, revive, or defibrillate your teammates during each chapter of the campaign, […]

Kill witch competetion results

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Kill witch competition

Kill witch competition. Free VIP!

Player Commands

!join: Allows you to enter the game if you’re spectating. !afk: Allows you to enter spectate after a couple of seconds. Each time is different when you use it. Max is 19 seconds. !cfs: Command for suicide. !kill: Another command for suicide. !drop: Whatever item you’re holding in your hands, you drop it. !rank: Shows your current rank. […]

Ammo boxes

acidbox: Spawns a pool of spitter acid around box. airstrikebox: Creates F-18 jets that fly pass, randomly shooting missiles. bingobox: Randomly gain or lose up to -500 points. blazebox: A shield of fire protects you from all zombies and special infected (except the tank!) bloodbox: Reduces the amount of times you can get incapacitated to 1. bonusbox: Increases the amount of points […]

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