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Super Tanks

Acid Tank Shoots Spitter acid at target. Armageddon Tank Pulls nearby survivors in. Summons a meteor shower every X seconds. Punches can maim target's health to X HP. Punches can crush target's health by X HP. Bitch Tank Spawns a Witch in the area. Boomer Tank Throws Boomers at target. Boss tank Special speed Teleports [...]

ASC Discord Bot Live!

Botsito, the ASC Discord bot is now live! The bot displays in-game information when prompted by inquiries in the Discord channel. To see it in action, please join the ASC Discord Channel. When you join the channel, make sure you use !register <your Steam ID> to receive 1000 points!  

Assistance Factor Change

Assistance Factor Change Assistance Factor (AF) is a feature on ASC that encourages you to help your teammates. AF confers you a bonus at the start of each map. The bonus increases the number of points each Special Infected is worth. Whenever you heal, revive, or defibrillate your teammates during each chapter of the campaign, […]

Kill witch competetion results

♥♥Mia♥♥ Nympha doomie_22 [я.ω]

Kill witch competition

Kill witch competition. Free VIP!