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Player Commands

!join: Allows you to enter the game if you’re spectating. !afk: Allows you to enter spectate after a couple of seconds. Each time is different when you use it. Max is 19 seconds. !cfs: Command for suicide. !kill: Another command for suicide. !drop: Whatever item you’re holding in your hands, you drop it. !rank: Shows your current rank. […]

Ammo boxes

acidbox: Spawns a pool of spitter acid around box. airstrikebox: Creates F-18 jets that fly pass, randomly shooting missiles. bingobox: Randomly gain or lose up to -500 points. blazebox: A shield of fire protects you from all zombies and special infected (except the tank!) bloodbox: Reduces the amount of times you can get incapacitated to 1. bonusbox: Increases the amount of points […]


Common Infected The Horde When they are encountered in large numbers, are the most commonly-faced member of the Infected hordes and the easiest to defeat. They are completely AI-controlled and are fairly weak. Their strength lies in the fact they attack in groups sometimes as large as several dozen. While they seem capable of ignoring […]


Welcome to the America [Sector Coop] server! This is an expert mode cooperative campaign server with up to 24 players that encourages teamwork and cooperation! ╰☆╮╰☆╮╰☆╮ Have fun, kill zombies, and enjoy your stay! :D Respect the other players along with the admins & mods. Help your teammates, especially the newer players! You were new once [...]

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