Player Commands

  • !join: Allows you to enter the game if you’re spectating.
  • !afk: Allows you to enter spectate after a couple of seconds. Each time is different when you use it. Max is 19 seconds.
  • !cfs: Command for suicide.
    • !kill: Another command for suicide.
  • !drop: Whatever item you’re holding in your hands, you drop it.
  • !rank: Shows your current rank.
    • !nextrank: Shows how many more points you need for the next rank.
  • !points: Shows the current amount of points that you have.
  • !maptop: Shows the current map’s best and worst player.
  • !top20: Shows the top 20 players in the server.
    • !top15: Shows the top 15 players in the server.
    • !top10: Shows the top 10 players in the server.
  • !next: Shows the next map along with the amount of times the current map has been failed.
  • !ping: Shows your current ping.
  • !thp: Shows the tank’s health.
  • !mut: Brings up a menu of the current players and allows you to mute someone
  • !showpoints: Shows your rank and your points to everyone.
  • !info (name): Shows you another player’s rank, health, etc.
  • !serverinfo: Shows information about the server.

Character command


  • !nick: Change to Nick.
  • !rochelle: Change to Rochelle.
  • !ellis: Change to Ellis.
  • !coach: Change to Coach.
  • !bill: Change to Bill.
  • !zoey: Change to Zoey.
  • !francis: Change to Francis.
  • !louis: Change to Louis.

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