⚠️ This server is recommended for experienced players ⚠️

We are a 24-player custom Left 4 Dead 2 server. We strive to make sure our players’ experiences aren’t ruined by others. Please read the rules as they are strictly enforced by our staff.

» Having VIP does not grant you immunity to bans. These rules apply to everyone including your friends and “favorite players” «

Please watch your aim. This server is on Expert difficulty where there can be up to 24 players. This means accidental friendly fire is likely to happen, but if you are attacking fellow teammates on purpose, you will be banned. This also applies to those who grief by shooting gas cans, throwing pipe bombs on the floor near the group, etc. You can see who attacked you, and vice versa, in the game chat.

The server has an automated ban system which utilizes Level of Team Kill or [TK]. Your TK corresponds to how much you have attacked your teammates in a single map chapter. The higher your TK, the higher your risk of being banned.

Going AFK immediately after startling a witch will cause her AI to glitch and go straight for somebody else even though they did absolutely nothing. This is technically still Team Killing and you will be punished if you are caught doing such an act.

Please help your fellow teammates in any way possible. Pick up incapacitated players when they are safe from danger. Avoid picking them up when a Tank is nearby since its attacks will kill them on the ground.

Kill or push away regular zombies/common infected when trying to pick up someone. Allow players to crawl out of Spitter acid or fire before helping or else they will die by the fire/acid faster before being saved.

Give pills, adrenaline, and heal players with first aid when necessary. You can tell when a player is near death, as it is indicated by a white glow about them.

Use a defibrillator whenever possible to maintain the team’s survivability.

Allow incapacitated teammates to crawl into the Safe Room before closing the door. This is a common mistake that even veteran players make and it has caused many unfortunate deaths.

Do not purposely let your teammates die just so you could take their items. Selfish acts like these will result in punishment.

This is when somebody constantly opens & closes a door to prevent other players from proceeding. This type of behavior is not tolerated and you will be slain or kicked.

This rule has been subject to being controversial throughout the past year so we will explain as best as we can.

Farming is when the team votes to wait longer before entering the safe room to kill special infected for extra points and items.

However, there are players who have taken advantage of when there are no staff members online during certain times of the day. We call that Abusive Farming. It is when a player (sometimes more than one) reaches a specific area of the map where special infected spawn at a consistent rate. Once the rest of the team has moved forward, the player(s) then halt the ENTIRE team by camping there for as long as they please, killing every single special infected they see for points.

Other examples of Abusive Farming:

  • A player deliberately runs away from an active Tank so that they could freely roam ahead killing other special infected for points, while the rest of the team struggles to kill the Tank which eventually leads to everyone dying because the player with the only good weapon did not participate in the Tank fight.
  • Everybody is dead except for the offending player(s) and instead of them actually trying to proceed with the map, they camp and use their good weapons to farm while ignoring everybody in chat begging them to either move or commit suicide so that the map can restart.
  • The rescue vehicle has arrived but the player(s) are out somewhere killing special infected rather than getting on to finish the campaign, letting the rest of the team die from Tanks and be responsible for a map restart.
  • The finale hasn’t started because the player(s) refuse to group with the team to call the radio/start the generator.

We do not allow this type of behavior. This is still Left 4 Dead. The game where the objective is to proceed with the map until you reach the safe room or escape vehicle to survive the zombie apocalypse.

“When can I farm?”
As stated at the top of this page: Farming is when the team votes to wait longer before entering the safe room to kill special infected for extra points and items.

There are some areas apart from the safe room where a countdown will appear on the upper center your screen in small print. The time indicates how long you can farm in that spot until antifarm is enabled.

Once antifarm is turned on, points will no longer be rewarded from killing specials and the team must proceed with the map or risk being punished. The most civil punishment is being teleported by a staff member. Other than that, punishments can range from being slain, kicked, banned, or have Tanks spawned on you.

Do not harass players for any reason whatsoever. There is always a way to solve something without having to be hostile about it.

Do not attack players for “stealing” your weapon. Once you die, you WILL lose your items. (Except melee)

Do not make disrespectful or snarky comments towards others.

Taunting and trash-talk are not welcome here. Keep your egos deflated.

If you are the victim of any form of harassment, do not engage. You should instead inform a staff member about it as soon as possible with screenshots.

Do not fill the chat with multiple unnecessary messages or comments. Do not advertise your server or website since we are careful with potentially malicious things. Do not abuse voice chat by constantly mic spamming, playing music, screaming, or making other weird noises.

Please turn off your open mic. Change your Left 4 Dead 2 settings in the audio options menu, and set your mic to ‘Push to Talk’.

Failure to comply will result in you being muted or kicked and then banned if you keep returning.

Bunnyhopping (bhop) is allowed as long as you’re not using scripts. There is no actual blacklist on what you cannot do, but players who cheat will be permanently banned.

Yes, that includes players who use addons like these:

If you are banned from the server, you may try filing a dispute on our Steam Group or Discord Channel. The chances of you being unbanned will cease to exist if you show signs of an attitude or impatience.

If you create multiple accounts to avoid a ban, don’t expect to return.