This server is recommended for experienced players.

» Having VIP does not grant you immunity to bans. These rules apply to everyone. «

America Sector Coop is a 24-player custom Left 4 Dead 2 server on Expert difficulty. Please have a read at the following rules as they are strictly enforced by our staff.

Please watch your aim and do not keep your finger on the trigger. This server is on Expert difficulty and there can be up to 24 players, which means accidental friendly fire is likely to happen. However if we see that you are firing/throwing throwables at fellow teammates to grief on purpose, you will be punished with a kick or permanent ban. This rule also applies to those who join the server only to cause drama such as shooting gas cans near the group, throwing pipe bombs on the floor, etc. You can see who attacks you and vice versa printed in the chat.

The server has a built in automatic voteban system using level of team kill or “TK”. Your TK is measured by how much you attack your teammates in one map. The higher your TK, the more likely of you being temporarily banned by vote.

A common mistake that most new players make is using the minigun on some campaign finales. The reason we ask to not use the minigun is because it is nothing more than a team killing machine. The minigun has terrible accuracy and you will most likely end up shooting teammates — killing them in seconds due to the firing speed and the Expert difficulty. In most cases this will always lead to an instant ban since your TK immediately jumps to the hundreds.

Everybody deserves a chance to play. Please help your fellow teammates in every way possible. Please pick up incapacitated players when they are safe from danger. Avoid picking up an incapacitated player when a tank is nearby since it will end up killing them. PICKUP BEFORE LOOTING. Do not let your teammates die just so you could take their items.

Kill or push away regular zombies/common infected when trying to pick up someone. Do not pick up players if they are trying to crawl out of spitter acid or fire. Wait until they stop crawling first because they will end up dying by the fire/acid faster before they are saved.

Give pills, shots, and heal players when necessary. You can tell when a player is black & white indicated by a white glow on them. Defib whenever you can. Allow incapped teammates to crawl into the saferoom before closing the door. This is a common mistake that even veteran players continue to make and it causes many unnecessary deaths.

Never play with doors by constantly opening & closing them to prevent other players from proceeding. Even if it’s a joke, we will not tolerate it and you will be slayed. This always seems to happen at the end of the 3rd map of Death Toll and the CEDA trailer in the 2nd map of The Parish.

Farming is when the team decides to wait longer before the safe room or finale to kill more special infected for extra points and items. This privilege always seems to be abused by players whose lives depend on points by keeping the entire team waiting. Because of that, rules on farming have been enforced. If players do not proceed within a minute or so after antifarm has been enabled, they will be teleported. The current farm time is agreed to be around 2 minutes.

The server is for competitive players but it is not only about points. In some cases, special infected may drop a glowing bonus item that grants you a reward when you pick it up. One of these rewards are points and sometimes players are selfish enough to ignore others to pick up the bonus item and not help whoever is incapped near them.

Please do not harass other players for stealing your weapon, defibbing the wrong person, or whatever the reason may be regardless of whether it’s through chat or voice chat. If you are a victim of any form of harassment, do not engage but instead please inform a staff member as soon as possible with screenshots. We will not tolerate this behavior. We are here to have fun and enjoy our time, not act like children.

Everybody is welcome regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality. We do not tolerate any types of offensive remarks, slurs, messages, or jokes spoken/typed. Players from around the world play on this server which means not everybody speaks English.

Sexism or sexual harassment of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Lastly, politics can be a sensitive topic these days and we will not judge you on your political beliefs as long as you do not engage in harassing users or make smart comments aimed towards those who are against Donald Trump. All users violating these rules will be punished with a ban.

Do not fill the chat with multiple unnecessary messages, comments, or faces. Do not advertise your server, YouTube, website, or whatever. Do not abuse your privilege to voice chat by constantly micspamming, playing music, screaming, or making any type of weird noises. Mic spamming is only allowed to a certain extent so please take it easy.

Do not have open mics. Change your Left 4 Dead 2 settings in the audio options menu and set your mic to ‘Push to Talk’. New users tend to have this issue and they never seem to know about it so we end up dealing with listening to the background noise and them mashing on the keyboard. Failure to follow these rules will result in you being muted.

Bunnyhopping (bhop) is allowed as long as you’re not using scripts. This does not apply to exploits. There’s no actual blacklist on what you can’t do but for examples we will say if you somehow found a way to cheat points or spawn weapons, then it is not allowed. Doing so would result in you being permanently banned. Please play the game fairly.

We welcome everyone except for those who insult everyone and everything about the server. If there is something or someone you do not like, please do not start drama or make any rude, smartass comments. If you are banned from the server, you may try filing a dispute in our Steam Group. Do not create multiple accounts to avoid bans. We are not stupid. We know who you are.


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